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 This is An Open-Bible Test of First Principles based upon material by Dave Bradford and Dave Brown and offers five easy to use, self-guided lessons, that give an overview of the New Testament's teachings about acceptable worship, and what one must do to be a Christian. This is a excellent starting place for those who are just beginning to investigate the Bible or who wish to teach it.

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Lesson One

On Pleasing God; God's Communication with Man; Different Beliefs; The Gospel; and the Judgment

Lesson Two

On the Old Testament Law; the Value of the New Testament; and God's Grace 

 Lesson Three

 On Love and Obedience; and God's Plan of Salvation  

 Lesson Four

 On Sin and Its Solution; Baptism; Divisions and Denominations; Correct Designations; the Lord's Supper; and Giving

Lesson Five

 On the Christian's Persistence; Worship and Doctrinal Soundness; and the Plan of Salvation

Student Book - All Lessons

This download contains all five lessons for the student to read, study and answer questions.

Teacher's Book - All Lessons

This download contains all five lessons for the teacher including answers to all the questions.