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A Study of Romans Chapter 12

A Study of the "Add To" passages of 2 Peter 1 

2017 Focus - Children of The King

Lessons on the theme of Conversion

Edifying The Body Of Christ. A series of lessons on the roles and functions we serve within the Lord's Body.

Studies in examples and methods of Evangelism, the preaching and teaching of God's wonderful message for mankind.

2018 Theme - Everywhere Preaching the Word ... Lessons designed to help motivate us to spread the Gospel to the lost, as the Christians of the first century did.

Focusing on Prayer - Dedicating the month of December to gaining a better understanding of the importance of a strong prayer life.

The importance and value of being a friend of the Lord

Topics of general interest.

Go and preach the Gospel - Lessons on sharing the Gospel with others 

The Nature and Attributes of God

Building Godly Habits

A study of God's Grace for mankind

2019 Theme … He Will Be Called …